The Grind Vol CXXXVIII - Money Left To Burn, Defy The Laws of Tradition, Save The Embers & FTMB


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The Grind PRC Vol. 138 is ready to unleash an all German special edition featuring three bands from Franconia's largest city, Nuremberg!

Marcus recently returned home to Canada after a few weeks worth of a new European Adventure. A few weeks ago, he brought you interviews with Bari, IT bands/acts and now, it's a taste of Germany. Marc caught up with friends old and new, let's welcome:

-> Defy The Laws Of Tradition (Metal/Nuremberg shred)
Marc sits with Phil from the band and discusses his angelic voice + more. We'll be unveiling a brand NEW exclusive track from DTLOT!

-> Money Left To Burn (Skate punk)
A few members of MLTB discuss their "Sucker" EP, working with Sir Andy Dazzler and the Nuremberg music scene.

-> Save The Embers (Hardcore/Punk)
Joe and co. sit down and discuss what they've been up to since The Grind last caught up with them in 2009. We'll be unveiling a brand NEW exclusive track from StheE!

We also got a few FTMB band features from Austria:

-> Never Been Famous (Steyr)
Melodic punk rock at its best! These boys played NOVA Rock in June, have a support slot lined-up with Donots and oh yeah, they released their first album in Jan. 2012, "Mesh of Lies"!

-> Stupe-iT (Vienna)
Pop-punk act that just finished recording their 2nd full length with the help of William (Aiden) as producer. On this vol. we'll hit songs from the 2010 album. But more to come in a later vol...

& one from Glasgow, Scotland
-> First Step To Failure
Melodic Skate Punk in the vein of what you dug in the late 90's when you were raising hell in your neighborhood on 4 wheels.

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Duration: 1 Hr 40 Mins

Show Intro / Artist IDs
->Marshal, Alex and Johnny from Money Left To Burn
- Rebellion in Minor - (Sucker EP '11)
->Phil from Defy The Laws of Tradition
- Irreversible - (a Prologue EP '07 / Till Death Us Part '09)
-> Sven, Joe and Norbert from Save The Embers
- Benchmarks - (EP '10)

Never Been Famous - The Canadians Have Huge Squirrels Though - (Mesh Of Lies '12)

Chris talking about Implants show in Calgary at Dickens on December 1st (The group's first international gig)

Implants - Parallel - (Forthcoming album '12)

FTMB Feature on Stupe-It
- Dizzy - (Shadows Of A Lifetime '10)

- Shadowboy - (Shadows Of A Lifetime '10)

- Stay In The Light - (Shadows Of A Lifetime '10)

Defy The Laws of Tradition - Irreversible {Full song} - (a Prologue EP '07 / Till Death Us Part '09)

Torches To Triggers - My Zombaby - (NEW Doomsday in Douglasdale '12)
Listen to our next show for an exclusive stream of the new Torches To Triggers Album with Chris and some members of the band!

Interview Feature on Money Left To Burn
-Conducted by Marcus

- My Own Enemy - (Sucker EP '11)

MLTB Interview Seg #1

- Tomorrow Not Today - (Sucker EP '11)

MLTB Interview Seg #2

- Rebellion In Minor - (Sucker EP '11)

FTMB Feature on First Step To Failure

- Nothing To Lose - (NEW - forthcoming release '12)

- !!! - (New Wheels EP '10)

- EMO - (New Wheels EP '10)

Interview Feature on Defy The Laws Of Tradition
- Conducted by Marcus

Foreverest - (NEW / Exclusive Debut from forthcoming release)

DTLOT Interview Seg #1

- A Promise To Be Kept - (Till Death Us Part '09)

DTLOT Interview Seg #2

- My Last Mistake - ( Till Death Us Part '09)

FTMB Feature on Never Been Famous
- Try To Be - (Mesh Of Lies '12)

- Telling The Truth - (Mesh Of Lies '12)

- Obsolete - (Mesh Of Lies '12)

Interview Feature on Save The Embers
-Conducted by Marcus

- Everett - (EP '10)

STE Interview Seg #1

14th of Five - ( New / Exclusive Debut)

STE Interview Seg #2

- My Great Revelation - (EP '10)